The escalation of the dispute between Elissa and Ziad Bourji .. Lined messages may mean a lot!

The Lebanese singer Elissa published on her personal accounts on social networking sites a teaser video clip for her new song, which she called “I and Bas”, after the dispute that occurred between her and the song’s writer, the Lebanese poet Ahmed Madi, and its composer, the Lebanese artist Ziad Burji.

On the other hand, Ziad Bourji soon published a teaser video of their latest work, and Ziad shared with his followers a short video clip, in which he wrote: “With all humility, I wrote books, tuned, like, sings… and birds” and added the word “Soon”, exciting his fans for his new song.

Many considered that Elissa chose this name for her song as a clear message to Ahmed and Ziad, confirming her adherence to the song and noting that this would be the last work that brings them together.

On the other hand, followers saw that the teaser video published by Ziyad, did not publish it at the same time by chance, but rather it comes within the framework of responding to Elissa, where he confirmed that he is a comprehensive artist and will not be affected by this dispute.

Some test sites also wondered whether we might witness the release of the same song by both sides.

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