The episcopal ordination of mon Alex Taramangalath on November 1st: Nattu Visesham

Mananthavadi: Siromalaba appointed assistant bishop of Mananthavadi Rupatha Mon appointed by the Synod of the Church. The consecration of Alex Taramangalat will take place on November 1st. Sthanarohana Karma will be held in Mananthavadi.

Bishop designate returned yesterday from Germany for meditation. Received at Rippur airport.

Later the bishop-designate Mananthwadi arrived at the Mananthwadi Bishops House. Rupata Mar Jose bishop confronts the local ring and Archbishop Emery Tus Mar George the Great, Archbishop Thalassery Athirupatha Mar Jo Suff Pamplani also wore other local symbols. Today at five o’clock Mr. Alex Taramangalat Thalassery St. Joe A reception will follow at Suffs Cathedral.

Bishop-designate Thalasseh, who will arrive tomorrow morning at the Mother House in Pariyaram. The Holy Mass will be offered in the meditation of the priests of Ri Atirupatha. .

next Sunday Mon. Alex Taramangalat, his current vicar in Madathil St. The priests of Kunnoth Forona in Bastian’s church The reception will be given under the leadership of Nath.

He retired professionally from Thalassery on the 23rd of this month and a visit to Bishop’s House will be planned.

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