The epidemic of gastroenteritis rages throughout the Southwest

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The latest epidemiological data indicates that the disease is spreading faster than usual in the Southwest.

The Sentinelles network (research and health monitoring network in primary care, which collects and studies throughout metropolitan France) indicates a sharp increase in cases of gastroenteritis in New Aquitaine and Occitania. In his weekly epidemiological news bulletin (published on January 2 on data collected from December 23 to 29, 2019), he reports that cases of acute diarrhea are clearly increasing in three regions, namely Grand Est, Occitanie and Nouvelle- Aquitaine. “In mainland France, the bulletin indicates, last week (week 52 of 2019), the incidence rate of cases of acute diarrhea seen in general practice consultations was estimated at 289 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. At the regional level, the highest incidence rates were observed in: Grand Est (656 cases per 100,000), Occitanie (411) and Nouvelle-Aquitaine (402). “

Christmas period favorable to contamination

“The incidence observed last week is greater than the incidence estimated for the same week in the past ten seasons. A clear increase in incidence was observed between weeks 51 and 52. However, this level of incidence in general practice is common during winter epidemics. The incidence for the past week is not consolidated and may be lowered next week. “

The influenza Net surveillance network, which focuses on the evolution of influenza at the national level via data collected from 5,000 people, indicates that “among the participants who declared gastroenteritis, 81% had not seen health professionals, 8% had seen a general practitioner, 10% a pharmacist and 1% another medical service. “

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In most of the cases, the patients allow a few days to pass, remaining at rest, before being able to start off on the right foot. But this season it seems that gastro has arrived faster in the Southwest and that it hit the crowd during the holidays. Moments when families and friends meet, kiss, eat together, etc. so many opportunities for the virus to easily pass from one person to another. Our readers have certainly had someone sick with those around them or their acquaintances.

Rule # 1: wash your hands often

Given the highly contagious nature of this disease, let us recall the advice number 1 given by the National Institute for Prevention and Education for Health (Inpes): “To avoid any transmission of the germ involved in gastroenteritis, be sure to respect rigorous hygiene. Wash your hands often (before preparing meals, before eating, after using the toilet or bathroom …). “

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