The environment questions Zion Williamson: “He is a distant companion”

Zion Williamson has taken several weeks to speak with CJ McCollum, one of the new banners of the New Orleans Pelicans after the closing of the transfer market this season. After the shooting guard shared that he had not been able to contact the young star during the All Star weekend, the team’s leading center and theorist finally made the effort to call his new partner.

By then, social networks were ablaze again with rumors and conspiracies about Zion’s role in the Pelicans. The franchise didn’t help when it sent out a promotional email to announce its mid-season passes this season. In it, the marketing team talked about being able to see the Brandon Ingram, Jonas Valanciunas y CJ McCollum. Yes, there was no mention of the theoretical standard of the franchise.

After Williamson’s rudeness with his new partner, JJ Redick, who shared a locker room with him for the last two seasons, he was very tough on the young talent. “This behavior follows a pattern that we have seen repeatedly before”valued Redick, now an analyst at the ESPN. “I was his companion and I can describe him as a distant companionIt’s a true statement.”

As shared by the former Pelicans player, the general feeling within the locker room was that Zion was not 100% committed to the cause of the team and his teammates. “When you’re an athlete and you play a team sport, you have to be totally committed,” Redick went on. “You have to be committed to your body, work and your colleagues. It’s your responsibility, and we haven’t seen that from Zion.”

Williamson is now away from New Orleans, recovering from his foot injury, a fracture that has been aggravated several times, in Portland, Oregon. The setback has prevented Zion from making his season debut after also missing most of his rookie campaign.

Last year, his second in the league, allowed him to play a stretch with some physical stability. It was more than demonstrated that on the track the player can be an unstoppable hurricane. Playing 61 of the team’s 72 games, he averaged 27 points, 7.2 rebounds and 3.7 assists. “It’s amazing to see him play”Redick nuanced. “But his attitude is worrying.”

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