the entomologist is sure of its presence (and has evidence)

As scientists try to find Life on mars with field experiments thanks to the famous Robot espacial Curiosity, entomologist William Romoser, emeritus professor at Ohio University in the United States, states that we already have evidence of its existence

His theory, presented at the national meeting of the American Entomological Society in St. Louis, Missouri, is based on photographs sent by various rovers on Mars in which he claims he can see bees and reptiles. “There was and still is life on Mars“Said Romoser during the meeting explaining that, after analyzing the images of the Red Planet available on the Internet for several years, he concluded that there were not only fossils but also living creatures.

There is an apparent diversity among the Martian insect fauna that exhibit many characteristics similar to those that live on Earth and included in the advanced groups. For example, there are wings, wing bending, gliding and agile flight, and legs with different leg structures.Romoser said.

According to the entomologist, there are a series of photographs that clearly show the shape of insects and reptiles and you can select the different body segments along with legs, antennae and wings.

The search for Martian bees

The research, which was published this month in Entomology 2019 and that has not yet been examined, is based on the study of images through various photographic parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation and inversion. In addition, the environment, the clarity of the shape, the symmetry of the body, the segmentation in different parts, the repetitive shapes, the skeletal remains and the observation of shapes closely were considered. The supposed proof of “bright Eyes”It was considered compatible with the presence of living forms.

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In a statement, Romoser claimed to have observed different flight behaviors in various images. According to the scientist, some resemble hives and others resemble bees on Earth. On the other hand, Romoser claims to have found a fossil snake-like creature.

The presence of higher metazoan organisms on Mars implies the presence of sources and processes of nutrients and energy, food chains and webs, and water as elements that function in a viable but extreme environment that supports life.“He said.

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