“The Enduring Charm and Success of Seinfeld: Netflix Pays 160 Million Euros for Broadcasting Rights”

Seinfeld is with Friends, the star series of the 1990s. Although very New York, the daily life of comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his three friends will meet with phenomenal success all over the world. Its charm and humor are still operating 25 years after the broadcast of the last episode, on May 14, 1998. In 2021, Netflix will even pay 160 million euros (147 million euros) to obtain the rights to broadcast its 180 episodes.

The series has often been touted as the series that glorifies the nothing, the mundane, and the little things in life that go unnoticed. Seinfeld is therefore above all about its characters and the situations in which they find themselves, whether in their professional lives, in their romantic relationships, or simply in restaurants or in the metro. Events that seem harmless, but in which comedian Jerry Seinfeld draws to feed his stand-ups, which open and close each 23-minute episode.

Colorful characters surround him: Elaine Benes, his former partner who became his best friend, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Funny, messy, neurotic, the series shows her relationships with men and her difficulties in finding a boyfriend. There is also George Constance, Jerry Seinfeld’s best friend since high school, a grumpy, jealous, lying character but very loyal in friendship. A role largely inspired by the co-creator of the series, Larry David. Finally, last character: the totally whimsical next door neighbor of Jerry, the hilarious Cosmo Kramer…

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