The end of the obligation to pay the RTV subscription? A revolutionary sentence, but we may still face penalties! [16.11.2020]

The judgment of the court in Poznań is favorable for the person who has not paid the RTV subscription. Can a landmark judgment be a rescue for many debtors? For now, the subscription is still mandatory.

RTV subscription – that’s what you have to pay

Please note that the RTV subscription is still mandatory. Each owner of a radio and television set is required to pay a monthly fee. RTV fees in 2020 remain at the level of five years ago: for radio PLN 7 per month, for TV or TV and radio PLN 22.70. Therefore, the annual RTV subscription in 2020 is PLN 84 for radio and PLN 272.40 for a TV or TV and radio. We will pay 10 percent. less, if we do it in advance for a period longer than a month, of course, the discount will only apply to this period.

IMPORTANT !!! The fee for cable television or digital platform does not exempt from the RTV subscription.

An unpaid RTV subscription may result in the account being taken over by the Treasury. Recently, one of the Poles won a case in a court in Poznań. The man has not paid the RTV subscription for 14 years. He deregistered the receiver many years ago, but did not have a confirmation document.

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The man argued that it was the Polish Post that should prove that all formalities had been completed several years ago. It turned out that postal workers do not have all receipts, and they should prove that there are grounds for collecting the outstanding fees. The court agreed with him – he says

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The court found that Poczta Polska had delayed charging the subscription fee for too long. Lawyers also established that citizens should not be forced to keep at home papers confirming the deregistration of the receiver from several years ago.

When does the debt for an RTV subscription expire?

The Act on Subscription Fees of April 21, 2005 does not specify precisely how much time must pass before outstanding subscription fees are canceled. Here, however, judicial jurisprudence comes to the rescue. The limitation period for debts resulting from non-payment of the subscription appears after 5 years at the earliest.

When the limitation period expires, the obligation to pay the fee ceases.

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