The Enchanted Valley: Creating a Magical Play Area for Children at the Maternal and Child Hospital of Malaga

The Enchanted Valley: Creating a Magical Play Area for Children at the Maternal and Child Hospital of Malaga

The Enchanted Valley It is a renovation project for the children’s play area of ​​the Maternal and Child Hospital of Malaga. The purpose was born as an initiative of the Juegaterapia Foundationwhose mission focuses on providing fun through gardens and quality play and recreation spaces in hospitals where children with cancer must remain admitted during their harsh treatments.

This recreational area is located in the Seventh floor of the hospital and is divided into three well-differentiated spaces: a multipurpose interior space that can serve as an indoor play area as well as a study area; and two exterior terraces on both sides of the interior space, providing this recreational floor with exterior play and recreation spaces that make the children’s stay more enjoyable and bearable.

Understanding the important role they play happiness and mood of the children in their recovery, this project seeks to generate that true positive and hopeful impact in the recovery process of the children of the Maternal and Child Hospital of Malaga through play and fun.

A place where all hospitalized children They will be able to meet to play, study in their classroom or simply socialize with other children in a fun and welcoming place. Transforming hospitals into magical places; building gardens, cinemas, lunar stations, and, of course, donating video game consoles and tablets so that “chemo can fly by.” In addition, they have created a beautiful solidarity product called Magical Seeds. These seeds will help them raise funds to build the next garden in Malaga.

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The contribution of funds can be done through the website of Playtherapy, where half a million donations have already been reached. With a goal of 1,745,000 euros, there is still 65% to be reached to build the next ‘Enchanted Valley’.

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