The Enchanted Mansion… to meet you at the La Fundición Theater

The Enchanted Mansion… to meet you
La Foundry Theater
C / Habana, 18 – 41001 SEVILLA
954 22 58 44
Saturday April 10 at 12 noon.
Sunday, April 11 at 12 noon.
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La Mansión Encantada… to meet you will be at the Teatro la Fundación on April 10 and 11 to surprise families with children

On the weekend of April 10 and 11, the La Fundición Theater will host the play La Mansión Encantada… to meet you, a proposal designed for children and families that comes to Seville from the Extremadura Company Inelia Producciones.

The Enchanted Mansion… to meet you is a dynamic and fun montage that has the participation of the children themselves, since throughout the play several scientific experiments are carried out for which the protagonist requires the help of some of the attendees.

Jero is an adventurer by profession who shows up at the gates of a mansion where children are not welcome. When he decides to go inside to find out why they don’t want the children to visit, he discovers that the mansion seems haunted.

Inside the mansion, Jero discovers living lamps, slimy walls, solidifying water, and many other mysteries. The montage does not lack music, humor, science, adventures and intrigue, ingredients that make the play a success for children and their families.

The play touches on different topics in a didactic and fun way such as personal hygiene, eating and bulling, so that children can identify which behaviors they should avoid in order not to harm their classmates and friends.

The Enchanted Mansion… to meet you It will be at the La Fundición Theater on the weekend of April 10 and 11 at 12 noon. Tickets are priced at 14 euros for adults and 10 euros for children. They can buy here.

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