the Empire State Building transformed into a giant beacon

The famous tower that overlooks the Manhattan neighborhood of New York abandoned its usual white lighting on Monday, March 30 for an intense red light that turns like an ambulance beacon. The Empire State Building wants to symbolize a beating heart, the heart of America, to support caregivers.

More anguish still reigns among many New Yorkers. Because on Monday, the city in the eastern United States was experiencing a rhythm ofone death every 3 minutes, just the city without the suburbs. Nationally, there were more than 500 deaths in 24 hours. The 3,000 dead mark has just been crossed, a third are in New York.

A doctor at a Brooklyn hospital filmed the interior of the emergency room, which was totally overwhelmed. She evokes a war zone and deplores lack of material, gloves, masks, gowns. They are at stick plastic films to the wall and ceiling to try to arrange the space and place all the patients while avoiding contamination.

The United States hard hit

The virus has also spread widely in New Orleans. But the other point where the death toll is rising fastest after New York is Michigan, and mainly in the greater Detroit area.

New York, New Orleans, Detroit … These three cities are already the symbols of the three great tragedies that have befallen America over the past 20 years, September 11 in 2001, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the financial crisis in 2008 that brought Detroit to the ground. And to see these three cities suffer again today with this new tragedy is terrible.

But depending on the state, containment instructions are no longer or relayed by local authorities. The governor of Florida, for example, accuses New York of having exported the virus to Florida. But it is in Florida that a pastor has been arrested in recent hours for organizing a large religious gathering in a mega church this Sunday.

Two encouraging news, however. First in Seattle, which was the first source of contamination in the United States. The figures show that the containment measures that were taken earlier there, slowed the spread of the virus. And then in the White House, President Trump presented a new test, a machine, which will reveal the result almost instantly.

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