“The elimination of Mamedov will be a gift for the enemies of Ukraine.” The Helsinki Group commented on the situation in the Office of the Prosecutor General

“Why remove a prosecutor, whose efforts have been so critical to making progress, if there is no ultimate goal of destroying the department? Why limit an ideologue and unit leader who demonstrates a result that is trusted by human rights defenders and society? We have already repeatedly linked the problems this department faced. with the appointment of Irina Venediktova prosecutor general, “he said.

Pavlichenko stressed that justice over war criminals requires considerable legal knowledge – not only national legislation, but also international law, since the law of war is regulated by more than three dozen international acts.

“Studying this entire array requires a certain amount of time, but we simply do not have it. Moreover, there is a great doubt that the Prosecutor General will personally study international law, delve into the essence of such complex and multi-episode criminal proceedings or personally participate in negotiations, say, with Iran. or in court hearings on MH17 “, – said the head of the Helsinki group.

He also stated that the decision “has no logic, moreover, it is even criminal.”

“When the International Criminal Court recognized the existence of war crimes and crimes against humanity in an armed conflict, when the possibility of opening a full-fledged investigation is being considered, it is doubtful to carry out such global changes in the department, to put it mildly. , then the victory would be worth celebrating for the aggressor country, because the decision can lead to sad consequences and nullify all the work, “Pavlichenko noted.


Department of Crimes Committed in Armed Conflict, was established in 2019 in the structure of the Prosecutor General’s Office, and then continued his work in the Office of the Prosecutor General.

He deals with cases of illegal and forced displacement of persons, violation of environmental standards, destruction of cultural property, persecution for political and religious beliefs, coercion to serve in the armed forces of the occupying country, militarization of children, the use of prohibited means of warfare, and more.

The department also coordinates investigations on the seizure of Crimea by Russia, the crash of MH17 in the Donbass, the Ilovaisk and Debaltsev tragedies, the seizure of sailors in the Kerch Strait, and the downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane in Iran.

The initiator and ideologist of the creation of this unit at the central level was Mamedov. Until the last days, this department was in his subordination. On June 30, it became known that the department was taken from Mamedov and reassigned to another Deputy Prosecutor General Maxim Yakubovsky. Now Mammadov has only the department for protecting the interests of children and combating violence.



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