The electronic bracelet arrives to remotely monitor coronavirus positive patients

After Arezzo, also Grosseto: 30 bracelets are available for the innovative remote health care service of the ASL Toscana southeast for Covid patients. The devices will be distributed to positive patients in home isolation in conditions of greater solitude, because they are elderly or resident in isolated areas, and with a more severe clinical picture in relation to particular factors, including oxygenation of the blood, but not such as to require the recovery. The service is managed by the 118 professionals, with the coordination on the three provinces of the South East of the Emergency Department, which in synergy with the operators of the Usca, will have in real time and constantly monitored the health conditions of patients with the bracelet and in this way they will be able to modulate and plan ad hoc interventions in a faster and more targeted way.

The monitoring is done automatically by the system: when it detects negative negative data, it alerts the control unit so that it can contact the patient and evaluate the situation. It also administers a predefined questionnaire to the patient, allowing the detection of alarm situations (inability to get up, particular malaise, failure to take therapy, etc.). ” This innovative system allows a better and more complete understanding of the patients’ conditions to which we can respond with diversified and personalized interventions – explains Robusto Biagioni, Director of the 118 Service of the Grosseto province – In addition to constant monitoring, the system asks questions to the patient the smartphone and processes the responses, alerting Usca and 118 in the event of an anomaly. The doctors Usca and 118 will thus be able to understand the patient’s situation and intervene in time in case of problems or schedule home visits only in case of real need ”. ” Covid is a pathology of loneliness – concludes Massimo Mandò – director of the Emergency-Urgency Department – Many patients are assailed by the sense of anguish and feel alone, especially when darkness falls and even more so if they live in more remote areas. With this project we want to be closer and more present. Knowing that they are always monitored by health professionals, staying at home and with the same control standards that they would have if they were in the hospital, is a reason for safety and peace of mind for patients who will adhere even better to care ”.

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In particular, the devices, disposable and active 24 hours a day for ten days, send the essential parameters every 5 minutes at 118 and Usca: oxygenation, heart rate, quality index of the oximetry signal and body temperature. The therapeutic responses are diversified into three treatment programs: a standard one, one for the over 75, one for those suffering from BPCO – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The bracelet is applied by the Usca or by the doctors of the auto-medical and the 118 equipped vehicles. This technology allows the patient, even if visited only at home (in the ordinary regime from Usca or in urgency from 118) and without access to first aid, to receive excellent assistance and care. The patients identified must have a smartphone to answer any questions from doctors, including via Whatsapp messages. If the person is unable to do so, 118, in case of problems, will not contact him by phone, but will send the doctor directly home.

” The bracelets are an important novelty in the management of the Covid patient – explains the general manager of the ASL Toscana southeast, Antonio D’Urso – It is an integrated system that brings together the skills and availability of 118 and Usca. In this way we guarantee an additional level of safety even for patients who, although positive for Covid, do not need hospitalization. It is a guarantee for their health and safety, but also a help to live, in less solitude, a disease which, even if it is without symptoms, often generates anxiety and a sense of anguish “.

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