The Electoral Commission ordered the election of 64 new PAO units in 18 provinces, but the law prohibits campaign candidates.

The Election Commission considered and ordered to vote.ElectionMembers and the President of the new Provincial Administrative Organization, 64 units in 18 provinces, 7 Feb.

The Election Commission Office (ECT) informed that the Election Commission had issued an order. To have a vote for the council members and the president of the provincial administrative organization Such numbers have come to exercise the right Does not match the number of ballot papers used to vote in accordance with Section 105 of the Election Commission of Local Councilors or Local Administrators, BE 62, together with Article 202 of the Election Commission of Parliament. Local or local administrators in 2019

Order canceling the election of members of the PAO Council of 46 election units
The election of 15 presidents
Cancellation of elections for both members and the President of the Provincial Administrative Organization, number 3 electoral locations in 18 provinces
Ordered a new vote in polling stations in all 18 provinces.
Consists of Nonthaburi Suphan Buri Samut Prakan, Ang Thong, Phang Nga, Chumphon, Narathiwat, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Lopburi, Nakhon Sawan, Sakaeo Rayong Kalasin, Nakhon Phanom, Yasothon, Uttaradit, Udon Thani andUbon Ratchathani

Requiring a new vote On Sunday 7 February 64

For this new vote 46 polling stations Voter Will receive only one ballot: a card Vote for the members of the PAO Council

While the other 15 polling stations Voters will receive a ballot for the President of the Provincial Administrative Organization of the Provincial Administrative Organization of Thailand only, for the third election, voters will receive 2 cards, namely, both the President and the members of the PAO Council.

However, according to the Local Councilor Election Act or Local Administrators, B.E. 2562, Section 64 (5) states that

In the event that a new vote is ordered Any person cannot vote for an election, unless the Election Commission resolves otherwise, taking into account honesty and fairness.



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