The elderly get pushed out by the police, has fractures of the skull, and is unable to walk

The an elderly 75-year-old, who was pushed out by two police officers of the City, during a demonstration in New York city at the beginning of this month, and it has a fracture of the the crâin the field and it is still unable to walk, according to a press release sent out by the lawyer in the family the NOW.

Kelly Zarconea lawyer for Martin’s Guginosaid he could not give many details about the case of his client, but confirmed that it was a head injury. “He’s still not able to walk, but I was able to hold a brief conversation with him, until he was too tired,” said the causídico.

The NOW I had already tried to contact the patient, but to no avail. Through a lawyer, but a man left the following message: “I don’t Think that it is unnecessary to focus on me…. There are a lot of other things to think about besides me.”

Zarcone he added that the Gugino it is improving, but remains in hospital.

Gugino on the ground, seconds after being pushed© Reproduction of

It will be recalled that Donald Trump turned to social media to comment on the case, suggesting that the Gugino you may have played in the crash. “The latter, of Buffalo, pushed up by the police, you can be a bully in the Antifa“he wrote the president, referring to the movement of anti-fascist accused of having fueled the violence in the aftermath of the death of the african-american George London.

The two officers in question, Who Torgalski, 39 years old, and Robert, McCabe32, was today formally charged with assault after being shot at a push Guginothat he fell lifeless to the ground. Torgalski and McCabe they have declared themselves innocent of the abuse, it is subject to a charge of second-degree have been released without bail. They were suspended, without salary.

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