The efforts of the Russians to leave the country have not abated: a 16 km line of cars has formed on the Russian border with Georgia

Photo: Reuters / Scanpix / LETA

One of the rows of cars in Russia near the Georgian border stretches for 16 kilometers, according to satellite images from the US company “Maxar Technologies”.

Tens of thousands of Russian citizens are fleeing their country after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization on 21 September.

Long car queues have formed on Russia’s land borders with foreign countries.

Kazakhstan has become a major destination for Russian citizens who do not want to go to war in Ukraine.

Near the big cities of Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk, Oral, Kostanay and Atyrau, long queues of Russian cars have formed. Due to the mass arrival of Russian citizens, rents in border towns have become more expensive and available housing has run out.

The Russian Federal Security Service (FDD) has sent an armored personnel carrier to the Verkhniylars border crossing at the Georgian border in case the Russian citizens gathered there attempt to break through. Although this border point is intended for cars only, it is also allowed to cross it on foot during daylight hours.

The number of Russian citizens crossing the Russian border into Finland increased at a record pace during the week. Nearly 17,000 people entered Finland from Russia on Saturday and Sunday. Finland plans to close the border to Russian tourists, but it is not yet known when this will happen.



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