The Efforts of Langkaplancar Pangandaran Residents to Build Agricultural Roads

Agricultural Road
Various attempts were made by the residents of Langkaplancar, Pangandaran Regency, West Java, in building roads to agricultural land. Photo: Water / HR.

Pangandaran News, (, – Various efforts have been made by residents of Langkaplancar, Pangandaran Regency, West Java, in building agricultural roads that can be traversed by two-wheeled vehicles.

So far, residents of Citarunggang Hamlet, Pangkalan Village, Langkaplancar District, Pangandaran Regency, have had difficulty transporting their agricultural and livestock products. This is because two-wheeled vehicles cannot access their agricultural land.

In order for two-wheeled vehicles to reach the Cigadog Block rice fields, the residents independently widened the paths. In fact, they are also trying to pave roads.

Damin, a local resident, said that the community, both farmers and fish breeders, kept trying to get two-wheeled vehicles to reach agricultural land.

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“Every Saturday the people in Citarunggang Hamlet continue to do community service. From the construction of road bodies to hardening, we hope that two-wheeled vehicles can access agricultural land, ”he said, Monday (05/04/2021).

For road paving, continued Damin, people with great difficulty collect coral stones. With what they are, the people break stones so that the road to the agricultural land can be completed as soon as possible. So that motorbikes can access it.

If two-wheeled vehicles can access the road to agricultural and fisheries land, the burden on farmers and fish breeders will be slightly reduced. Because they can easily transport their crops and livestock.

Damin added, the road paving is almost complete. However, for the casting process, the community is still waiting for help from the government.

“Hopefully the government can help and budget for the process of casting a road to this agricultural land,” he hoped. (Cenk / R3 / HR-Online)

Editor : Eva Latifah

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