“The Edge” in New York: New spectacular platform opened

City trips „The Edge“

Spectacular viewing platform opens in New York

Those with a head for heights usually want to see New York from above. The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and One World Trade Center offer the best views of the city. Now they are competing with a new viewing platform.

Published on 03/10/2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes

The computer-generated image shows the new viewing platform “The Edge” on the 100th floor of the “30 Hudson Yards” skyscraper

Source: dpa

BFor a long time, “The Edge” could only be admired from below. The tapering, glass platform rises like a beak from the 100th floor of the “30 Hudson Yards” skyscraper in New York. From March 11th, however, visitors will be able to access the highest publicly accessible outdoor viewing terrace in the western world – according to the client.

The terrace with its transparent glass floor “hangs in the air, so to speak, which gives you the feeling of floating in the sky, with a 360-degree view that you cannot have anywhere else”, the operators advertise. “You have never seen New York like this before.”

The curiosity about the spectacular new viewing platform at 335 meters is huge, even in New York, which is spoiled with views. Many of the around 36 dollars (about 32 euros) tickets were sold out in advance. At the same time, the new terrace heats up the competition for viewing platforms in the metropolis of New York, which almost every visitor with a head for heights would like to look down on.

Viewing platforms in competition in New York

It has been five years since a new viewing platform opened in Manhattan: “One World Observatory” on the One World Trade Center was built where the attacks of September 11, 2001 brought the twin towers of the old World Trade Center to collapse.

The other two competitors in the competition for panorama visitors are long-established: “Top of the Rock”, the up to 260 meter high terraces on Rockefeller Center, opened in 2005, and the viewing platforms of the Empire State Building.

The spectacular view from the new World Trade Center

Almost 14 years after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, it seems that New Yorkers can make peace with their history – thanks in part to the viewing platform of the new World Trade Center.

New York fans can argue for hours about which terrace is the best. The fact is: The platforms of the One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building are the highest at around 380 meters, the Rockefeller Center has a huge outdoor area. The entrance fees are similar – and ultimately the view too.

The terrace offers a new view of the city

Because that is the case, the operators of the attractions have to come up with more and more ideas in the competition for ticket sales. Gastronomy and souvenir shops alone are no longer enough.

The “One World Observatory” was the first to turn the visit into a multimedia experience – for example with a video show in the elevators. The almost 90-year-old Empire State Building recently followed suit with a complete renovation.

Here you can marvel at New York’s skyline with King Kong

Four years worked on the Empire State Building. A remarkable new interior was created, with a viewing platform and interactive exhibitions. Even King Kong squints enviously through the window panes.

Source: WELT / Steffen Schwarzkopf

The famous building in the middle of Manhattan has so far been ahead of the competition: around four million people come to the viewing platforms of the Empire State Building every year, around half of whom marvel at the Rockefeller Center or the One World Trade Center.

Now “The Edge” in the new Hudson Yards district in west Manhattan also wants to get involved in this market. Around 60 million New York visitors a year are enough potential customers for a fourth viewing platform, the operators hope.

The tapered viewing platform “The Edge” rises like a beak into the night sky

Source: dpa

In addition, the new terrace is very different from the others. “That probably sounds trite, but it’s a fresh look,” says John Kelly of the Related Companies design and construction company that designed and built the neighborhood.

“It’s a 700 square meter outdoor space. You don’t walk around within the structure of a building where everything is constrained. It’s like a large open-air space. “

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Anyone standing on the glass viewing platform and looking 335 meters deep should be free from giddiness

Source: dpa



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