The economy seriously hurts the operation of Yiguang’s Sun Company WOFI to file for bankruptcy | Anue tycoon-Taiwan stock news

LED factory Everlight (2393-TW) Announced today (29th) that WOFI Leuchten Wortmann & Filz GmbH, the grandson of indirect investment holding 100% of the shares, was affected by the economic downturn and it was difficult to continue to operate. It has filed for bankruptcy in the German court.

Everlight said that due to factors such as the sluggish international economy, it is difficult for WOFI to continue operating and its property is not enough to pay off its debts. WOFI has followed the local laws and regulations of Germany, and with the assistance of German lawyers, it has gone through the legal procedures for bankruptcy in the Arnsberg District Court. .

Yiguang pointed out that the total liabilities of WOFI are 20.877 millionEURthe company has already recognized the accumulated losses of WOFI, so there is no significant impact on the company’s financial business.

Everlight announced in August last year that due to poor operations, continuous losses, high inflation in Europe due to the Russian-Ukraine war, declining consumer confidence in Germany, and the poor economic situation, the 22 million yuan was suspended.EURWOFI will also be liquidated.

In addition to being affected by the boom, Everlight’s WOFI has been in a patent war with Nichia for many years. The German court recently confirmed that Everlight’s subsidiary WOFI has indeed infringed on Nichia’s YAG patents, requiring WOFI to pay 3.225 million yuan in compensation.EURTo Japan.

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