The ECB will prevent high inflation from taking hold


Speaking on Thursday at the sixth annual conference of the Intra-EU Regulatory Risk Management Council, European Central Bank (ECB) Governor Christine Lagarde stressed that the bank will continue to raise interest rates by the appropriate amount, to try to prevent high inflation you become entrenched.

Lagarde also underlined once again that the European Central Bank will continue to use monetary policy to bring inflation down to the 2% target, adding that this must be done in the light of supporting the flexibility of the euro area financial system. ‘EUR.

Lagarde explained that this flexibility is needed to help the financial system achieve its ultimate goal of supporting the euro area’s real economy and help the European Central Bank achieve price stability.

Lagarde pointed out that the main conditions that make systems resilient are their ability to withstand immediate shocks, as well as their ability to adapt effectively to new conditions.

A member of the European Central Bank confirms that the decline in inflation is not enough to slow the rate hike

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