The Duchess Meghan spoke. Fans have learned how Lilibet is doing

Meghan and Harry protect the privacy of their daughter Lilibet, who was born in June, like hawks. Only they and the chosen members of the royal family seem to know. But the Duchess of Sussex has now said goodbye, and fans have at least learned how the eighth waiting woman on the British throne is doing.

Lilibet had not yet been shown to his supporters, but everyone had seen his three-year-old son Archie shortly after birth. Harry and Meghan are as mysterious about a daughter born in early June as a castle in the Carpathians. But sometimes they don’t watch.

As the portal pointed out Romper, a ducal couple from Sussex recently headed to New York City, where one question about Lilibet came after another. “She’s really beautiful,” Meghan told her about her.

Although these are not very specific words, fans are happy for any information. Some were even beginning to doubt whether Lilibet even existed. In short, they are accustomed to the fact that the royal family shares their lives with the public to a large extent. But Meghan and Harry don’t want to do it, and that’s one of the reasons they left the family almost two years ago.

Meghan also revealed that Archie is a great older brother and helps her in everything.

Relatives do not understand much about secrets. Prince Charles had already slammed into the tablewho would like to see his youngest granddaughter. So far, he has only seen her in photos. And so is Queen Elizabeth II. It is not yet clear when and if the family will come to London at all.

Fans believe Meghan mistakenly showed Lilibet:



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