“The drunk has no restraints.” Krampol knows the details of Dada Patras’ crisis

A close friend of Felix Slováček, Jiří Krampol, described the difficult moments a musician experiences with his wife, Dada Patrasová. He doesn’t get along with the actress after her car accident. He wants to send her for treatment, which Dada allegedly refuses. He claims to have a drink from time to time like anyone else.

Actor Jiří Krampol spoke about the car accident of Dáda Patrasová, who was demolishing near her house. He believes that alcohol played a role in the accident.

“She drives the car otherwise well, but when you’re drunk, she has no restraints at all and doesn’t know if she’s moving forward or backward. I’m so sorry,” he told Life in the Stars. “Felix takes it hard. He’s just sad about it because he doesn’t know what to do. He’s completely clueless,” Krampol said of the famous saxophonist’s torment.

“At all costs, he wants to get her for treatment, because that’s the only way she doesn’t do this more than once.

However, Dada is not in favor of this idea and is said to radically reject the attempts of her husband, children and friends. “No, she doesn’t want any treatment. She says she’ll have a drink like anyone else,” Krampol said.

However, the unfortunate events of recent days are marked by Dad’s descendants. “Children suffer because they were proud of their mother, she is a great actress and a beautiful woman, but now she will do this to them, they are unhappy, it is their mother,” Krampol thinks.

“You know absolutely nothing about what each of us is going through, how we’re dealing with it all, or how long we’ve been trying to do something. I guess so. Patrasová’s daughter Anička Slováčková said on social networks.

Rebecca Diatilová, Ester Kabelová, TN.cz

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