The drones hit Zaporizhia, head of the UVA


Zaporozhye was attacked by drones

Today, the invader first used unmanned aerial vehicles in Zaporozhye. Previously, these were shahed-136 UAVs, reports the head of the OVAs.

Head of the Zaporozhye OVA Oleksandr Starukh confirmed attack on the city by enemy drones.

“The enemy attacked the regional center. The infrastructure facilities in two districts of Zaporozhye were destroyed. Today the occupier used unmanned aerial vehicles for the first time. Previously, these were shahed-136 UAVs. That’s why the citizens. they did not hear too loud sounds of explosions. According to preliminary information, there is a victim, she was hospitalized. The information was specified, “Starukh wrote in the official TG channel.

The head of the OVA reminded residents of the city and the region of the danger of parts of the ammunition left over after the explosions.

“The occupier is using all available weapons against civilians in the region. Rockets, MLRS, artillery, now even so-called kamikaze drones. Be careful! You cannot touch the remains of ammunition. You do not need to take pictures, shoot videos and disseminate information about attacks. Trust official sources. The important thing is to observe security measures. Protect yourself and your loved ones “, reads the message.

Earlier it was reported that they were heard from around one in the morning explosions in Nikolaev and Zaporozhye. Social networks noted that Iranian drones were seen over the cities.

And on the night of October 6, the air defense of Ukraine in the south nine Iranian kamikaze drones shot down Shahed-136.

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