The driver of the electric scooter crashes into the car at the intersection: seriously injured

A serious accident occurred at an intersection in Hamburg. An electric scooter driver could have sustained fatal injuries.

On Tuesday evening, an electric scooter driver was seriously injured in a collision with a car on Hamburg’s Johannes-Brahms-Platz. Shortly after 6pm, the woman crossed the intersection to the Gorch-Fock-Wall when she crashed into the side of a car, a spokesperson for the t-online police service said.

The e-scooter driver sustained serious injuries despite wearing a helmet. According to a reporter on the spot, she should have been treated on the spot by an emergency doctor. She was then taken to Asklepios Klinik St. Georg by ambulance, the police spokesman said. Initially, the danger of life could not be ruled out.

According to the reporter, several witnesses at the scene claimed that the woman ignored the red light. The busy road had to be partially closed for the duration of the investigation into the accident. There were long traffic jams in the city center.

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