The driver (47) crashes after a wild chase on the A27 and A58

A 47-year-old motorist was arrested early Tuesday morning around half past four in Hilvarenbeek. The arrest followed a wild chase on the A27 and A58. Upon exiting Hilvarenbeek, the driver crashed and stopped after hitting two street lamps.

The pursuit began on the A27. The police wanted to check the car in which the man was driving in Geertruidenberg around four o’clock and they turned on the following signs. But instead of slowing down, the man took off. At high speed he kept wandering all the lanes.

Several police cars gave the chase which continued on the A58. At the Hilvarenbeek exit, the car pulled out of the bend and stopped against a lamppost. The driver then tried to escape, but was arrested after a brief chase. He was transferred to a police station. The man was found to be under the influence of drugs. Nothing illegal was found in his car.

It is not clear why the man fled. The police also don’t have a home address for the man.

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