The drama of the Olympic champion. He lost both legs. “Doctors fight to save hands”

Roman Kostomarov, the 2006 Olympic figure skating champion, is going through a dramatic period. He was admitted to the intensive care unit, but his condition deteriorated. Doctors had to amputate both his legs to save his life. It is possible that the Russian will also lose both hands.

The first reports of the worse health of Roman Kostomarov appeared in early January. He was hospitalized with pneumonia. The fact that he was transferred to the ICU was announced by Ilya Averbiuch, Olympic runner-up from Salt Lake City in 2002, a private friend of Kostomarov. Over time, the skater’s condition only worsened until he lost both lower limbs. It is possible that the doctors will also amputate his upper ones.

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The drama of the Olympic champion

At the beginning, “Sport Express” reported that Kostomarov’s condition was so serious that it was decided to put him in a pharmacological coma. He was later put on a ventilator. That was until January 24, when doctors diagnosed sepsis and problems with blood circulation.

Cells in Kostomarov’s body were dying, there was tissue necrosis. The fight for his life has begun. The Russian landed on the operating table, where they tried to clean the dead tissues. Ultimately, doctors amputated both of his legs because the affected area turned out to be too large and badly damaged. This gave a clear improvement in the health of the former Olympic champion, but there is still a threat to life. To save them, doctors may also have to amputate both of the former skater’s arms. Everything will depend on how Kostomarov’s health situation changes in the coming days.

“Unfortunately, both legs had to be amputated. The operation went smoothly, the body is recovering. Doctors are now fighting to save his hands. Roman is conscious. His general condition is improving, but he remains in the intensive care unit under the constant supervision of doctors” – reported the news agency TASS.

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Roman Kostomarov’s relatives do not make public any official information about his health. Tatjana Nawka, his longtime dance partner, is also silent.

In addition to the gold medal at the Olympic Games, Roman Kostomarov has won two World Champion titles and three European Champion titles, all won in the pair dance competition together with Tatjana Nawka.

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