The DPRK military showed how they break concrete with their heads

Photo: screenshot

Special Forces of the DPRK

The fighters demonstrated in front of Kim Jong-un their skills of lying on broken glass and breaking concrete with their hands.

At a military exhibition in Pyongyang, North Korean special forces demonstrated their ability to smash bricks and bend iron bars with their fists. The corresponding video was broadcast by the central TV of the country, it was also posted on the Internet. The leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un took part in the event, which took place on October 11.

The fighters, using taekwondo, showed how with their fists it is possible to split stacks of concrete tiles, lie down on nails with their backs and on their stomachs carry out concrete blocks smashed with a sledgehammer.

The program continued with a performance of fighters. Watching the show, Kim Jong Un looked pleased and smiled.

After that, TV showed how the leader of the country, together with his entourage, examined the exposition, including tanks and rocket launchers.

Recall, the day before Kim Jong-un says he is building an “invincible army”but does not want to fight its neighbor, South Korea.

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