The DPR wants to question the Horticultural Mafia from China, this is the answer from the Ministry of Agriculture

JAKARTA, – Chairman of Commission IV DPR RI Sudin questioned the name of a person entrepreneur originating from China who is suspected of being a “player” in importing products horticulture to Indonesia to the Director General Horticulture Ministry of Agriculture ( Ministry of Agriculture) Prihasto Setyanto.

At a working meeting today, Wednesday (16/9/2020), the ranks of Commission IV of the DPR appear to be harassing the Director General of Horticulture, so that the Ministry of Agriculture is stammering, and even tends not to be able to reply to the answers to the questions raised by the Sub-dept.

Ever heard of an entrepreneur named Chang Li Min? Entrepreneur China? “Asked the Sub-dept to Prihasto who met physically at the DPR RI Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (16/9/2020).

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Then, Prihasto also replied that he had heard that name. The Sub-dept again asked about the ownership of a horticultural product import recommendation letter that could be obtained by mafia trade from China.

“Can RIPH? RIPH can buy it right?” Sudin asked again.

Prihasto only argued that he didn’t remember which companies bought it.

“There used to be a lot of RIPH companies, Sir,” he said.

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Then, Sudin explained the name Chang Li Min in question to Prihasto.

According to Sudin, the businessman who is suspected of being a trade mafia does not have an office and warehouse to store horticultural goods in Indonesia, aka fictitious.

Sudin got this information from traders in the main market.

“Because Chang Li Min does not live in Indonesia, does not have a warehouse. So I get complaints from the Main Market, etc. As soon as the goods come in from outside, the containers enter, immediately open the stall,” he explained.

“Chang Li Min is an old player, never owned a warehouse, never had an office. My friends are from criminals, bandits to good people, my friends,” he continued.

He also reminded Prihasto to be open about RIPH given to mobile companies in the horticulture sector.

In fact, the Sudin did not hesitate to threaten the position held by Prihasto to change.

“So I get any information. Better to be honest, rather than lie to me, the consequences will be like the previous Director General of PKH,” he said.


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