“The Donda case is terrible, it disgusts me”

“It disgusts me that a person who occupies a position like that is capable of having an employee in the situation in which he had her,” said “Chiche” Duhalde.

Despite the controversy that was generated around Victoria Donda, President Alberto Fernández ratified it, this Tuesday morning, at the head of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI).

In this regard, Hilda “Chiche” Duhalde pointed out: “The Donda case is terrible, and yet it doesn’t seem important to her. It disgusts me that a person who occupies a position like that is capable of having an employee in the situation in which she had one. ”

The former official said that “there are many leaders who are absorbed by corruption” and that “a large part of Argentine society that accepts and looks the other way.”

“There are transparency laws that sleep in Congress and are not dealt with. All will be patches if we do not end corruption and drug addiction in Argentina,” he said in statements to LN +.

“Chiche” Duhalde: “The Donda case is terrible, it disgusts me”

“Chiche” Duhalde he also pointed against Amado Boudou and the fact that “someone still dares to defend him.”

“Have the dignity to acknowledge that it is a court case,” he launched when questioning, mainly, the fact that Cristina Kirchner defends him. “Corruption has become the flesh of a large part of Argentine society, of all political parties and all sectors. It is important that Argentina be reborn.”

He also targeted those who are silent. “By action, omission, out of fear or whatever, everyone closes their mouths and I at my age, and without holding any position, I have the obligation to say what I think. I do not want to see the country in which they live in this way. my children and my grandchildren. It is sinking day by day. ”

“Chiche” Duhalde: “The Donda case is terrible, it disgusts me”

Also, the former senator noted: “Maximum Kirchner he wants to be the president of the Justicialista Party. If you want to change the authorities there is a legitimate mechanism: go to internal elections, which is what is legally required. But no, everything is arrogant. That is an illegal act and it is part of corruption. However, the mayors of my party are silent. ”

“Chiche” Duhalde said that “the old political leadership has to end.”

“Argentine society, Peronist and non-Peronist, is increasingly angry and when society gets angry things get ugly. Therefore, I do not believe that such a system can last because our country does not deserve it. that we are capable of giving birth to Argentines in a good way. I hope that there will be many young leaders, without old tricks and wanting to change Argentina, “he added.

“Chiche” Duhalde: his opinion on going back to school

Meanwhile, the former first lady said that the country “it can’t work” with so many social plans. “We have to go to a single emergency social plan,” he suggested.

In addition, about the return to classes he said: “Each province is autonomous in terms of the decisions you can make. My province has a statute that should be demolished. You have to go back to the classrooms. The unions are often a machine to prevent, but the teachers are making a great effort “.


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