The dog carried a leash in his mouth while walking, the owner could face a huge fine!

The owner of a four-legged pet will probably not forget this walk. The police stopped him at a park in the city center. He walked next to his dog. The patrol warned him that he did not have him on a leash and thus committed a transgression.

“The 36-year-old man walked the dog in such a way that the dog carried a leash in his mouth and was not attached to the leash. move freely, “said the spokesperson of the city police Tereza Greplová.

There are a total of sixteen such places in Prostějov. Run-out meadows are marked with a sign with a dog pictogram. But the owner went with the dog to the center, where free walking is not allowed.

“The actions of the 36-year-old man will be discussed by the relevant administrative body. He may face a fine of up to one hundred thousand crowns for violating a generally binding decree,” Greplová added.

A separate chapter for cities are offenses with non-cleaning of dog excrement. Most of them use a bag system. Police officers can impose a fine of up to five thousand crowns for untidy shit.

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