The “doctor of Bani Mazar” was held in pretrial detention on charges of indecent assault on a female patient during a medical examination

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The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of a doctor in Bani Mazar Hospital on the pretext of accusing him of indecent assault on a patient while he was undergoing a medical examination.

The beginning came when the “Public Prosecution” received a report from the police that a quarrel had broken out between a doctor, an internal medicine specialist, in Bani Mazar Hospital in Minya Governorate, and the families of a woman who accused him of having committed an indecent act during his signing of the medical examination on her in his clinic. .

The “Public Prosecution” asked the victim, and she testified that the doctor touched a citizen of her body during his signature on her examination, then tried to assault her, but she pushed him and informed her family about the incident, and a quarrel occurred between them and the doctor, and the Public Prosecution asked a doctor in the hospital and she testified that what the doctor brought During his signature, the victim was examined for her condition, and by that he crossed the limits of permissible medical work.

The police investigations had concluded that the accused had committed the incident according to the filming contained in the testimony of the victim and her husband, and his reputation for committing similar incidents that the victims had not been ashamed of, and whom the investigations could not reach.

In interrogating the accused doctor, he denied the accusation attributed to him, justifying what he had done with her in order to complete his medical examination of her, confirming that the family of the victim had violated him and destroyed their movables in the clinic, and who denied this during their interrogation in the investigations.

Accordingly, the Public Prosecution ordered the accused doctor to be held in custody pending investigations, and appealed to the court a decision to release him with a financial guarantee, so the court canceled the decision and his detention continued, and investigations are being completed.

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