The dizzying return of Ivayla Bakalova as an undercover agent

Miss Bulgaria 2001 – from a favorite of Iliya Pavlov to a fighter with corruption in court

20 years after Ivayla Bakalova became Miss Bulgaria, she is in the spotlight again, after she visited Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov a few days ago to give him a signal for a crime. Neither she nor the Ministry of Interior say against whom this signal is. Shortly before that, Bakalova played a key role in the Anti-Corruption Fund’s (ACF) investigation into hidden connections and influences in the judiciary.

With this “film”, Miska showed that if she had started working in the security services, instead of dealing with fashion, she could now be one of the successful spies and even a teacher of young crime data collection agents.

She plays an embedded agent who records and records her meetings with lawyers, businessmen and politicians. The beauty was also a cameraman and provocateur with a hidden camera, and the characters in the series do not know that they are being filmed. Bakalova skillfully interrogates her interlocutors and directs the conversations with operational mastery of a SANS agent with many years of experience in unraveling complex schemes.

Miss Bulgaria 2001 “produced” the film

because of the latter

man in her life –


Veselin Denkov,

which at that time

is in custody for


and the lady of his heart does his best to get him out of the cell.

The lovers Veselin Denkov and Ivayla Bakalova were detained in September last year. on return from abroad. She was released, and he remains in custody on charges of participating in a gang of moneylenders from the capital’s Lyulin district. Despite his numerous requests for his measure to be changed, the magistrates left him behind bars.

7 months later, in April this year, Ivayla Bakalova started an unusual spy operation, hitherto unknown in our country. With the help of the ACF, which employs journalists, former prosecutors and police officers, it is equipped with a hidden camera. She has already sought connections to explore whether she can pay for her lover’s freedom.

Like any agent, Bakalova finds a place to stay. The ACF investigation said it was the home of a recently released defendant, but his names were not released. There, she spoke with lawyer Emil Piskov, a former GDBOP and SANS employee who apparently has a lot to learn from the model because she doesn’t feel like she’s recording him, while he willingly explains how much money Veselin Denkov’s freedom will cost.

In fact, the accommodation where the meeting takes place is at the foot of Vitosha. According to several sources of “24 hours” this is

the House of


Vetko Arabadzhiev,

who has been in custody for almost 2 years and was released shortly before Christmas, but under house arrest.

Bakalova’s meeting with Emil Piskov in the rich man’s house was recommended by another man – Martin Bojanov, who is a consultant to various businessmen. Bakalova’s camera and microphone show everything – both the telephone conversation with Martin and the live one with Piskov. Whether because of her artistic abilities or because of her strong motivation to reveal a corruption scheme, Ivayla’s voice does not tremble.

Cold-blooded as a James Bond in a skirt, she gathers evidence from her interlocutors and then sits comfortably in front of the camera to talk about the intelligence she has been doing for several months. Even the politician Yane Yanev, experienced in politics and relations with the secret services, became entangled in its spy network. She records it with a hidden camera and predisposes him to talk long and hard about how her lover ended up in custody and what the role of the first men in the country was. Another question is whether Yanev’s words are true.

The operation with the film managed to stir the spirits, and Denkov was released at home a week before the publication of the hidden camera.

The brilliance of the catwalk is in the past for Bakalova, but in a few years she returned to the center of public attention. The last 20 years of her life are filled with mystery, rich men, exotic travels and many twists and turns.

Start of her career

give Iliya Pavlov and

his wife Darina

Rumors of a love affair between the late boss of Multigroup, who was shot dead in front of his office on March 7, 2003, and the beautiful girl from Varna have never been proven over the years.

20 years ago Ivayla Bakalova was noticed by the Pavlovi family at regional beauty contests. Then they were the owners of the agency “Megatalant”, which organized the contest “Miss Bulgaria – Universe”. The host of the show at the National Palace of Culture is Slavi Trifonov.

There are still legends about the party after the end of the competition, when Ivayla Bakalova won. Then she was the favorite of Iliya Pavlov and his wife, to whom she owes her dizzying career and entering the high life of Bulgaria. After winning the title, he also appeared at world competitions in Puerto Rico and Istanbul.

The story of Bakalova should end sadly on March 7, 2003. Then a bullet fired by a mercenary struck Iliya Pavlov in front of his office in Sofia. The most influential businessman was taken to Pirogov, but died on the way. He manages with all his might to call his wife Darina, who is abroad. The sad news spread like wildfire in Sofia. Minutes later,

first in “Pirogov”

and in tears,

Ivayla arrives


Although she is associated with Iliya Pavlov, even before his murder, Miska had a relationship with another influential but still mysterious businessman at the time – Rumen Gaitanski-Valka. Months ago, he became famous again because of his illegal barn on the shores of Iskar Dam. Later Bakalova tells how they met Wolf. Because of her commitments as the most beautiful Bulgarian she has traveled a lot. A few months after winning the title, he crashed near Sofia. Then her friend takes her to a restaurant to relieve her of stress. And there he meets Gaitanski. “What can I do to make you smile?” Said the gentleman. What follows is wild and passionate love. Unlike the secular lion Iliya Pavlov, Gaitanski does not like public appearances. In 2003, when she was 22, Ivayla Bakalova gave birth to her daughter Raya by Rumen Gaitanski. However, her relationship with the 23-year-old businessman is rapidly deteriorating. They separated when their daughter was still a baby. Before the drama with her arrested current husband Veselin Denkov, she shared that

the most difficult period

it is in her life

after parting with

Rumen Gaitanski

In addition to caring for her child, Bakalova hid from the cameras and secular life for a long time.

In the following years, the brunette started a business organizing festivals. Before the economic crisis in 2007-2008, he also became a real estate consultant. He even studied in London so that he could cope with the new venture. Her mother takes care of her still young daughter.

He returned to the small screen in 2009 on the show “Big Brother” in his version with stars from show business. She is remembered for her scandal with Anya Pencheva.

The actress told how Darina Pavlova suffered because of Bakalova, and the model was indignant that the star of the National Theater was interfering in her life.

In the following years Ivayla Bakalova was mainly engaged in her business and often traveled to Dubai, a favorite destination of all rich and famous Bulgarians. It is an important part of many charitable initiatives.

In 2014 he returned to reality formats and participated in “The Mole”. There he had an accident during one of the trials. As she tried to get out of the net, she hung upside down on the rope with which she was tied. Her leg was broken in three places and she remained in bed for 3 months after the operation. In the following years he worked as a real estate broker in Dubai.

More than 15 years after her relationship with Rumen Gaitanski, Bakalova had not announced that she had a new man by her side. This happened in 2017, but without mentioning his name. Later it turned out that this was Veselin Denkov – owner of a credit company and several large restaurants in Sofia.

Just like Rumen Gaitanski-Wolf

Veselin Denkov

does not love


His name first became famous in October 2019, when Stanka Marangozova was killed with three bullets in front of her house. Denkov and the accused as guarantor of the murder Ivo Maslarov have a financial relationship with the victim since 2009. Maslarov gave her money to invest them on the stock exchange, but soon quarreled because he was not happy with the profit. He then forced her to sign promissory notes that she owed him money. Then the debt was bought by the credit house of his friend Veselin Denkov. At that time, an investigation was launched against the two for the extortion of Marangozova, who was killed on the day the indictment against Denkov and Maslarov was filed in the Specialized Criminal Court.

Ivayla Bakalova’s lover is not accused of Marangozova’s murder, but in September last year. he was arrested for something else – that he participated in a criminal group for usury together with a father and son from “Lyulin” and other men. On their return from abroad, Denkov and Bakalova were detained at the border. She was released and he remained in the cell.

Thus began Agent Ivayla’s operation to enter the depths of the judiciary. There were also suspicions that Denkov was connected to Vasil Bozhkov and paying protesters in the summer, but they did not prove themselves.



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