The district has been vaccinated against Covid-19 for a year – Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district

The vaccination campaign began in Müllheim, and now almost half of the district residents have been boosted.

A year ago, the district vaccination center (KIZ) in Müllheim went into operation. Before that, mobile teams were already on the move in the retirement homes to protect the elderly in particular from corona infection. But with the opening of the KIZ, the vaccination campaign in the district really started. A review.

For a year since then, the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district has been vaccinated against the disease Covid-19 caused by the coronavirus. Initially only in the centers, then with the general practitioners and finally again in the centers – which, however, were smaller when they reopened. First you chose central solutions, then the state government relied on decentralized approaches. Clubs, innkeepers, companies and town halls have meanwhile opened their doors to vaccinators. In the beginning, appointments were mandatory and rare, but later people who wanted to be vaccinated could just walk in and get pricked. Again and again there were phases in which there was a great rush and there was a lot of excitement, then you looked into empty vaccination booths. Vaccine shortages have been replaced by abundance. At first it was thought that two vaccinations were enough, now three are recommended. The vaccination status and corona rules changed as the authorities repeatedly had to react to new pandemic challenges. The delta variant caused great concern in the meantime, now the omicron variant increasingly dominates the infection process. And recently the protest against the vaccination campaign also increased in some places in the district – especially in Müllheim and Kirchzarten.

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But where is the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald after a year of vaccination campaigns? According to the state government, 73.9 percent of the approximately 265,000 inhabitants have been vaccinated at least once (as of January 16). 71.4 percent received two vaccinations and 46.9 percent are already boosted by the third vaccination. By now there might be even more people. However, it must be mentioned here that vaccinations were also possible in neighboring districts and in the city of Freiburg. State Minister of Health Manfred Lucha said on Friday that in Baden-Württemberg more than 50 percent of people who are eligible to be vaccinated have been boosted. He praised everyone involved for their hard work.

According to the district office, 258 people in the district have died from or with the corona virus since the beginning of the pandemic.

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