the distribution of mailbox advertising and marketing banned in Grenoble, soon in Lyon?

On 1 September 15 towns and trade unions started off the test stage of the “Oui pub”.

The plan is to reverse the logic of the “Stop pub” introduced in 2004: the distribution of advertising and marketing flyers in mailboxes is now prohibited. And residents who nonetheless desire to get them will have to connect a “Of course Pub” sticker.

For this huge launch there were two big ecological metropolitan areas: Bordeaux and Grenoble.

“They are 30 kilos for each household that are wasted just about every yr to take in us to eat and take in excessively. They are, on the scale of the Grenoble territory, more than 6000 tons of paper that will be saved”welcomed the mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle.

In the location, in addition to the capital of the Alps, SICTOBA, the inter-municipal union for the collection and remedy of family waste in the Decreased Ardèche, and the SYTRAD, the Union for the treatment method of waste in the Ardèche Drôme, also joined the initiative.

If the benefits are convincing, just one can logically think about that other agglomerations these kinds of as Lyon will stick to in the footsteps of Grenoble, Bordeaux, Agen, Nancy or Dunkerque.


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