The Distribution of Face-to-Face School COVID-19 Clusters in PAUD-SMA, the Most in West Java!


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) found 1,303 schools were cluster COVID-19 during the implementation of face-to-face learning (PTM) is limited.

This data is based on a survey conducted by the Ministry of Education and Culture published on the website, as of Thursday, September 23, 2021.

The Director General (Dirjen) of PAUD and Primary and Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Technology, Jumeri said that his party together with the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) are still working on safe limited PTM activities.

“We will also continue to provide transparent data updates for the success of PTM Limited, given that prolonged distance learning can have a negative impact and can make it difficult for Indonesian children to catch up,” he explained in a written statement received., Wednesday (22/9/2021).

The following is the distribution of the PTM COVID-19 cluster as of Thursday (23/9/2021).

  • West Java Province: 150 clusters
  • Central Java Province: 131 clusters
  • East Nusa Tenggara Province: 104 clusters
  • North Sumatra Province: 52 clusters
  • West Sumatra Province: 51 clusters
  • West Kalimantan Province: 50 clusters
  • Central Kalimantan Province: 49 clusters
  • Banten Province: 44 clusters
  • Lampung Province: 43 clusters
  • DI Yogyakarta Province: 41 clusters
  • South Sulawesi Province: 33 clusters
  • South Sumatra Province: 32 clusters
  • West Nusa Tenggara Province: 32 clusters
  • Papua Province: 31 clusters
  • Aceh Province: 30 clusters
  • Jambi Province: 30 clusters
  • South Kalimantan Province: 29 clusters
  • Riau Province: 29 clusters
  • Province of Jakarta: 25 clusters
  • East Kalimantan Province: 19 clusters
  • Central Sulawesi Province: 18 clusters
  • Bangka Belitung Islands Province: 16 clusters
  • Gorontalo Province: 15 clusters
  • Bengkulu Province: 15 clusters
  • Riau Islands Province: 13 clusters
  • North Kalimantan Province: 9 clusters
  • West Papua Province: 9 clusters
  • Bali Province: 9 clusters
  • Maluku Province: 8 clusters
  • North Sulawesi Province: 8 clusters
  • North Maluku Province: 6 clusters
  • Southeast Sulawesi Province: 5 clusters
  • West Sulawesi Province: 2 clusters

Meanwhile, the following are the details of the COVID-19 cluster per school level:

-PAUD: 1.91 percent found the Covid-19 cluster or the equivalent of 251 Early Childhood Education (PAUD). The number of PAUD teachers and students who have confirmed COVID-19 is 956 teachers and 2,006 students, respectively.

-SD : 2.77 percent or 538 clusters recorded at the Elementary School (SD) level. The number of teachers and elementary students who were confirmed to be Covid-19 during PTM was limited to 3,166 teachers and 6,928 students.

SMP: There are 244 clusters or 3.42 percent of Covid-19 clusters at the Junior High School (SMP) level. A total of 1,482 teachers and 2,201 students were infected with Corona.

SMA: It was recorded that 4.55 percent or 109 High Schools (SMA) became clusters of COVID-19 transmission during the limited PTM. There are 797 teachers and 1,934 high school students who have tested positive for Corona.

SMK: At the Vocational High School (SMK) level, 3.07 percent or 71 COVID-19 clusters were found. It was reported that 605 teachers and 1,590 SMK students were confirmed to have Covid-19.

SLB: A total of 3.27 percent or 13 clusters were reported at the Extraordinary School (SLB) level. There are 135 teachers and 112 SLB students who have been confirmed to have Covid-19.

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