The “distinctive guarded” station: already 30 arrests and 100 described

The eyes of the law enforcement are centered on the Bergamo station. Piazzale Marconi and the surrounding parts are enduring a summer months of “exclusive surveillance”, the topic of above 600 continual patrols since the beginning of the calendar year by the point out police and carabinieri and a lot more than a thousand hrs of city security checks by the nearby police. ‘is that these coordinated functions have led, from January to today, to about thirty arrests, particularly for possession and dealing of medicines, as properly as about a hundred reported for a variety of good reasons. “We are functioning and the scenario is over-all quiet: we have implemented the services with the local law enforcement, the point out law enforcement, the carabinieri and the anti-drug canine unit of the economic police – spelled out Stanislao Schimera, commissioner of Bergamo -. We have strengthened our routines also for Ferragosto, a period of time in which focus to community get does not drop in the the very least ».

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