The distancing on public transport returns, but the Lombardy Region does not adapt to the diktat of Minister Speranza

The Lombardy Region does not comply with the order of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, which obliges the railway companies to restore the social distancing of at least one meter on trains. The administration led by Attilio Fontana reiterates that all seats can be occupied on public transport, as required by the regional ordinance that came into force today. No backtrack, therefore.

“In relation to the ordinance signed yesterday by the President of the Lombardy Region and in force today, as regards local public transport – in light of the new ordinance issued today by the Minister of Health – Lombardy Region, pending to evaluate specifies and timely the contents of the provisions of the new ministerial provision and with a view to a fruitful comparison to be initiated quickly with the Government and with the Conference of the Regions, confirms its ordinance “, the Fontana administration notes in a note.


Coronavirus in Lombardy, all seats can be used on public transport

“The decisions made yesterday by the Region – continues the note – as well as being in line with the results of the health data relating to Lombardy in the last few weeks, point to an alignment with what has already been in place for some time, with regard to local public transport, from regions bordering on Lombardy, all with a view to giving those who manage local public transport the opportunity to plan and ‘experiment’ with new actions in view of the resumption of school activity in September “.

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