the discontent of the staff for the lack of means resounds in the hospital of Bayonne

The movement, of unlimited duration, supports the demand for additional human resources in various geriatric institutions. For UNSA, the difficulties are such as to “endanger patients and staff”. A conviction that led him to send an alert to the Bayonne prosecutor for “endangerment”. The prosecutor Jérôme Bourrier yesterday pointed out to our colleagues from France Bleu Pays basque and confirmed to “Sud Ouest” the classification without follow-up of this alert “in the absence of a criminal dimension”.

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Bayonne: strike notice at the hospital’s geriatrics center

Unsa has planned a strike from 20 September. Report recurring personnel problems. This warning is echoed by the warning issued to the prosecutor by the union for “endangering” for lack of means in the hospital

Every other Sunday

The biggest step forward is the commitment to put in place regulatory hours that will act every two Sundays off for staff.

The management, for its part, says it is “very attentive to the specific situation of these sectors of activity and is continuing the work of promoting the elderly professions, improving the working conditions of agents and welcoming patients and residents, which began several months ago. does” .

On 15 and 19 September, meetings between management, human resources and staff representatives resulted in a series of commitments. In any case, this is what Patrick Cazalis indicates. “The biggest step forward is the commitment to put in place regulatory hours that will act on one Sunday of rest for staff. Today four out of five work. Everyone has the right to family life. There is a weekly limit of 48 hours of work.

Another important point regarding the union, the prospect of a “substitute team”. “It would fill absenteeism and summer vacation replacements. This would avoid reminding staff of rest time to fill gaps. The size of this team remains to be defined.

“Action plan”

In the Arrayade, Goxoki, Prissé and Trikaldi plants, eight positions could be used to strengthen services or fill long absences. The account is not yet there, for L’Unsa: “There are no caregiver positions at the Arrayade, at the Prissé nursing home (1) and at Goxoki”, he points.

The management ensures that “social dialogue remains a concern” and announces “an action plan with very concrete measures”. It will be discussed on October 4, during a meeting of the health, safety and working conditions committee of the hospital center.

In addition, the CGT hospital union also announces a strike day, this Thursday 22 September, with a demonstration at 10 in the main hall.

At the time of writing, our request from management had not yet been followed up.

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