“The Disappearance and Return of the Child Star from ‘My Story with Time'”

Mahmoud Turk

Thursday, May 18, 2023 08:00 PM

kidnapped Ghada Jamal The child of the 1974 film “My Story with Time”, the hearts of the audience, in which she embodied the role of his star son Warda within the work events, but she completely disappeared after the film was shown and did not participate in any artwork, nor did she appear in any media interview.

In her first media appearance 49 years after the film was shown, engineer Ghada Gamal spoke to “Youm Seven TV”, in an interview in which she revealed the reason for her disappearance and the failure to complete her artistic career, saying: Due to my preoccupation with filming the movie “My Story with Time”, my academic level decreased, And after I was the first in my school, I became the second, and my father was worried about his professional future, and he refused all the offers that came to me for acting after the success of the work.

Ghada Jamal added: The star, Farid Shawqi, was offered at the time to participate in the movie “The Train of Life Has Gone”, and the director Hassan Al-Imam wanted to sign a monopoly contract with me to make me the second Fayrouz, but my father refused completely.

My story with time movie girl

It is noteworthy that the movie “My Story with Time” achieved great success immediately after it was shown in Egyptian cinemas, starring Warda, Rushdi Abaza, Samir Sabry, Youssef Wahbi, Lebleba, Nabila El-Sayed, script and dialogue by Mohamed Mustafa Sami and the story of George Onet, and directed by Hassan Al-Imam. .

Ghada Gamal drew attention with her performance in the film, and one of her most prominent scenes was her crying when Warda sang her famous song “My Story with Time”.

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