The “digital challenge of Messi’s face” which encouraged site-specific discussion

With the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the iThe Córdoba agronomist Carlos Faricelli, specialized in digital agriculture issues, had an inventive idea and, through social networks, made the call right at the beginning of sowing: draw Messi’s face in batches using batch digitization of corn.

The initiative was born as an idea with a dual purpose: to motivate the selection and also the farmers to join the practice of acclimatization of their fields and site-specific management.

“Thanks to these digital tools we can do many things in the field because, after all, this is agronomy. It’s fantastic and many colleagues have been moved to take it forward,” acknowledged the adviser, a member by the innovation team Prodeman, Cordovan company, in dialogue with the program Agrolink RadioRecently.

According to what Faricelli simply explained, currently, the machines manage themselves thanks to satellite assistance, in addition to the computers that allow you to manage the doses of seed and fertilizer en each place or per pixel.

“Then, the design of Messi, which, in itself, is an extendable It allows me to convert that design into a specific reading format for the digital agriculture software and for the planter to copy that design. Thus, the planter is a printer ”, she acknowledged, indicating that this type of initiative generates a lot of agronomy.


One of the companies and consultants who have taken up the challenge and has already achieved it was Nicolás Rios Centeno, agricultural director of the San Luis company, SER Beef.

Ríos Centeno and his team have done a great job of getting “the face of Messi” on the lot. On the one hand, commented and shared, on social media, the cost of creating the work: the drawing cost $459 and was created on a 6.5-hectare lot in six different environments.

The Sanluiseño councilor received some questions about the setting of the environments in which he reflected the player’s face.

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He regretted, on the one hand, having sown the corn lot on a corn predecessor, with which he guessed that it would not be so defined in about 60 days, while another user asked him about the impact of significant change in density of 1,400 seeds per hectare (from 53,300 seeds to 54,700 seeds per hectare)).

According to Ríos Centeno, “this improves returns and margins, and is literally at no cost. The more environments we open [en ambientes]the more we capitalize on the small differences the lot has and even if the car is not perfect, it will never be worse than having three rooms,” he replied, to which he added that he has a lot with 32 rooms!

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