The difference between Jomlang Shin Tae Yong and the coach of the Curacao national team

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Duel Indonesian national versus Curacao will bring together two coaches who have a clear difference in results between Shin Tae Yong and Supported by Bicentini.

Shin Tae Yong, who currently coaches the Indonesian national team, is a manager who already has a name on the world stage. The South Korean coach has never felt the rigors of world competition.

With the South Korean national team, Shin Tae Yong appeared at the 2018 World Cup. Despite failing to qualify for the round of 16 after finishing third in Group F, Shin Tae Yong was able to create a surprise after defeating Germany , who at the time was the title holder in the group stage.


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At the club level, Shin Tae Yong was also able to achieve quite good results. The 52-year-old coach managed to take Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma to the Asian Champions League champion in 2010.

Currently, Shin Tae Yong is expected to be able to lead the Indonesian national team to win the 2022 AFF Cup to be held in December.

In the Indonesia-Curacao match, Shin will have a strategy against Remko Bicentini, who will return to being the coach of the Curacao national team in 2022.

Bicentini has been primarily involved in the Curacao national team since 2011. The 54-year-old became assistant to the Curacao national team in 2011-2016, then was appointed head coach in 2016-2020.

After serving as assistant coach of the Canadian national team in 2021-2022, Bicentini was again appointed manager of the Curacao national team in 2022.

Before Bicentini’s return, the Curacao national team had been coached by Guus Hiddink. The Dutch coach had led Oranje’s team to fourth place at the 1998 World Cup.

Hiddink coached Curacao for about a year from 2020 to 2021. After contracting Covid-19, Hiddink gave the baton to former Dutch star Patrick Kluivert. After Kluivert’s departure, Curacao was then coached by Art Langeler only then is he currently under the direction of Bicentini.

In terms of results, Bicentini has never won a title or an extraordinary milestone. However, Bicentini is currently coaching the Curacao national team (84), which in the FIFA rankings is far above Indonesia (155).


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