The difference between discharge and vaginal infections

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Many girls don’t realize the difference between infections and vaginal discharge, and some of them wonder about the most appropriate treatment methods to cure these infections before marriage.

In the context that follows, the “Consultation” reviews how to distinguish between infections and vaginal discharge.

Vaginal infections

Dr. Ayman Hani, Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician at Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine, said that having vaginal infections before marriage is due to the following:

– Excessive intake of antibiotics, which kill harmful and beneficial bacteria.

Take medicines containing cortisone.

Sweat accumulation in the genital area.

Wear wet underwear.

Wear synthetic fiber underwear.

Do not dry the genital area well.

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Treat vaginal infections

Hani explained that women should follow a number of tips to treat vaginal infections, including:

– Avoid eating salty foods and reduce salt in food.

Wear cotton underwear and stay away from synthetic fibers.

Drink more water, as it helps hydrate the body.

Purchase single-use plastic bags when using public restrooms.

Make sure you wash your vagina before and after intercourse.

– Make sure you urinate before and after intercourse.

– Stay away from intimacy during the infection.

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vaginal secretions

As for vaginal discharge, the obstetrics and gynecology consultant explained that they are considered normal and have no harmful effect, unless they are white and thick, or yellow. When observed in these forms, it is recommended to use a vaginal washing, so that the vaginal secretions become non-acidic or alkaline, that is, be balanced.

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