The diary from the Star Wars Celebration

For the past three years, Disneyland and Disneyworld have had the “Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge” themed area. During the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, California, Marco traveled to Batuu.

An Bord der Attraktion «Rise of the Resistance» © OutNow (ma)

One of the great anticipations of my trip was visiting the Star Wars themed area “Galaxy’s Edge” at Disneyland, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Convention Center. A very special event took place on Celebration weekend: the Disneyland After Dark Star Wars Nite. A special ticket gave you access to the Magic Kingdom until 1am, and there were plenty of photo ops with Star Wars characters, and tons of fans lighting up the park with their lightsabers.

As usual from Disney, Batuu, the planet from «Galaxy’s Edge», is designed down to the last detail with a lot of love and little hidden surprises. You really do feel transported to a galaxy far, far away. Precisely because a lot of fans showed up in their costumes that evening, the whole thing seemed even more magical. Unfortunately, the park was also quite crowded. There was a queue of 90 minutes for an exclusive T-shirt. So I had to do without a visit to “Oga’s Cantina” or the large shop “Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities”.

© OutNow (ma)

I much preferred to visit the “Rise of the Resistance” ride, which was already on everyone’s lips, mainly thanks to its technical finesse. The story is arranged in the sequel trilogy and the quest comes from Rey and Poe, who explain their mission to the guests. Already here the realism inspires. Rey appears as an amazingly good hologram. After boarding a transporter (a typical flight simulator), it was hijacked by first-order troops and I and my group were “taken away”.

The employees are impressive here and it becomes clear why they are referred to as «cast members». The First Order Officers show no mercy and come across as menacing and stern as they show visitors to their seats, from where they board the main attraction’s vehicles. These are magnetically controlled and therefore do not need rails, which allows incredibly fluid movements. So in the middle of the battle you’re dashing back and forth until you suddenly find yourself under life-size AT-AT walkers. By now I couldn’t shut my mouth in amazement.

A few minutes later, which was no less impressive, came the nasty surprise: the attraction has a small freefall that turned my stomach. Well, maybe it was the nachos in the afternoon, anyway I felt pretty queasy for the rest of the evening. The knowledge that I had escaped the First Order troops consoled me and I very much hope that «Galaxy’s Edge» will also be built in Paris one day. Because as a Star Wars fan you just have to go there.

© OutNow (ma)

Dossier: Star Wars Celebration 2022

Marco Albini [ma]

In 2003 Marco wrote his first review on OutNow and is now mainly active as a co-host of OutCast. The passionate “Star Wars” fan from Basel likes to dig up obscure genre films, but he hates comedy.

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08.06.2022 22:30
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