The development of the epidemic situation in Hainan is still on the rise, and a total of 2,454 cases of positive infections have been reported | Epidemic | Lingshui | Hainan Province_Sina News

Xinhua News Agency, Haikou, August 10 (Reporter Liu Deng) The reporter learned from the 44th press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic held by the Hainan Provincial Information Office on the 10th that the development of the epidemic situation in Hainan is still on the rise. From August 1 to 12:00 on August 10, a total of 2,454 positive infections were reported in this round of epidemic in Hainan Province, of which 1,602 were confirmed cases and 852 were asymptomatic infections. There is currently 1 critically ill infected person.

Du Jianwei, deputy head of the comprehensive group of the Hainan Provincial New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters and second-level inspector of the Provincial Health Commission, said that in terms of epidemic risk research and judgment, the current epidemic situation in Sanya is still at a high level, and the risk of community spread is still high; Ling The epidemic situation in Shuili Autonomous County, Dongfang City, Wanning City, and Lingao County is on the rise. In particular, the number of towns affected by Lingshui has increased significantly, and the risk of community transmission is high. From August 1 to 12:00 on August 10, a total of 1,948 positive infections were reported in Sanya City, 141 in Lingshui Li Autonomous County, 132 in Danzhou City, 64 in Lingao County, 46 in Dongfang City, and 45 in Wanning City.

In the next step, Hainan will coordinate various anti-epidemic resources to support key epidemic-related cities and counties, and continuously improve the effectiveness of prevention and control; strengthen nucleic acid testing and epidemiological work, and strengthen the medical treatment of positive infections; further improve the return service for stranded passengers, announced 24 Hourly service hotline, opening the online application portal for outlying islands, and promoting the return of passengers in a scientific and orderly manner. (Finish)

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