The developers of Star Wars: Squadrons do not plan any DLCs

Multiplayer space action Star Wars: Squadrons It has been on the market for a week now and you will soon see Aleš’s review, in which he will evaluate in detail both the singleplayer and the multiplayer component. Before that, however, we received very surprising (and hand on heart, completely atypical for EA) information.

Squadrons can be purchased for 40 euros, with the proviso that you will not find any micro-transactions or mechanisms in the game that would artificially slow down the progress of the game. At the same time, we learn that the developers from the EA Motive studio do not plan to release any DLCs.

This was stated by the creative head of the studio, Ian Frazier, in an interview for the UploadVR server. He said that in the case of Squadrons, the team wanted to release a complete product from the beginning, which would not contain unpopular mechanisms of “live services”.

Frazier expresses the hope that players will appreciate this old-world approach. For your money, you get a finished product in which you no longer have to invest and you unlock all available cosmetic treatments exclusively by playing.

Star Wars: Squadrons released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in addition to the story campaign, the game includes two multiplayer modes: Dogfight, a variant of Team Deathmatch, and Fleet Battles, where teams of up to five try to destroy the enemy’s main ship. As part of the game, you will try both sides of the conflict, the New Republic and the Empire, and you can saddle their iconic fighters or bombers.


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