The developers defend GTA 6 and show the first versions of their games

Up to a surprisingly large number of players per address stolen footage from an early development version Grand Theft Auto 6 he said the game looks terrible, the environment is empty and the atmosphere is boring. Also in our comments there were some posts that did not have big differences compared to the old GTA 5. Various analyzes and comparisons with other open world games already released, for example with the aforementioned GTA 5, but also with the last one has not helped the situation. Saints Row.

Unfortunately, many don’t realize they’re watching test footage from an early development version of the game, and they are. from three to four years. This is how they normally appear at these stages of the game. However, players do not realize this and mistakenly believe that the first element that authors should refine is the graphics. But it is exactly the opposite.

Rockstar Games developers like that they catch unnecessary criticism for footage no one should have seen. At the time, he certainly didn’t care what the game looked like. Instead, they optimized individual systems, AI behavior, and tested everything.

A certain AvgGuy caused a sensation on Twitter, saying that GTA 6 has been in development for four years and the graphics are the first to be completed. Other developers could no longer bear to watch it and decided to defend their peers from Rockstar by showing the early stages of their games on social networks. Thanks to this, we can see the start of development Check by Remedy, the Thunderjaw mechanic of Horizon: Zero Dawnindependent hit Worship of the Lambthe prototype of the first duel with Baldur v God of war since 2018, Immortality in the first two years of development, A Plague Story: Requiem or the strange physics of the water inside GTA 4.

So, would you recognize your favorite game?

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