The developer of “Figma” .. From the brink of bankruptcy to the world of billions

Four years ago, Dylan Field was walking out of his small San Francisco apartment for a dollar coffee before going to work, where he managed to develop “Vigma” software that was bought by competitor “Adobe” for $ 20 billion. , to become the shy young man, 30, among the most prominent names in the world of technology.

Accompanied by his friend, who dropped out of the prestigious Brown University, Field developed “Figma,” which managed to stand out considerably “even by Silicon Valley standards,” according to “The Wall Street newspaper“.

In 2018, his private company was valued at $ 115 million and last year hit $ 10 billion, doubling after the latest deal with Adobe.

The Wall Street Journal indicates that the growth in the company’s market value has been remarkable, especially with the decline in the value of global companies, with both public and private subscriptions, in recent months.

The newspaper pointed out that Field, according to investors and people who know him, still holds a large stake in the company, as well as large investment stocks such as “Sequoia Capital” and “Graylock Partners”. The paper said completing the deal with Adobe will make Who feld a billionaire.

In an interview hours after the deal was announced, Field said he was trying to figure out the magnitude of the change in his life and indicated that news of the deal had spread months ago, but the reaction of the market was not positive, as the value of “Adobe” shares fell by about 17 percent.

But Field told the paper that this news did not affect his confidence in his company and confirms that “if the deal fails tomorrow, I’ll be fine anyway.”

When Field was three, his family brought a computer into the house so he could learn for himself and teach his family how to use it.

Field was not an exceptional student, as he describes himself, but in high school he joined a team specializing in robot programming and began taking classes at the undergraduate level, and after being rejected by the University of “California Berkeley”, joined Brown.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Field attempted to enroll in a scholarship program affiliated with billionaire financier Peter Thiel, who at the time, before he became famous, was offering $ 100,000 if participants agreed to drop out of college to pursue business opportunities. .

Field has introduced a new program to modify drones to monitor traffic and capture reckless drivers.

Field was accepted on the scholarship and Brown left, and while the drone company didn’t come up with its next idea, “Figma” started popping up with his friend from Brown, Evan Wallace, an editing platform. graphic that allows people to design projects together.

And it took four years from the start for the company to launch the product. Figma, like other software services, grew rapidly during the pandemic.

Its clients include Uber and Square, now known as Block Inc.

Figma tools allow the software to run on the browser at the same time on different platforms, unlike competing products which only run on the desktop or through your own application.

Late last year, Wallace left the company. Field said his partner wanted to try new projects.

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