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Various details of the trip to Europe in which the left-wing senator Gustavo Petro He was infected with covid-19 they met this Tuesday, after he himself told that he had already left the hospital and that he is well and without symptoms.

Weekend, Petro’s wife, Verónica Alcocer, reported that the congressman and presidential hopeful had the virus, as well as her and her youngest daughter, Antonella.

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This Tuesday Petro published a trill in which he stated: “I inform the public that today I left the hospital where I was admitted for mild pneumonia caused by the covid. At this moment I am fine and without symptoms ”.

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TIME knew that Petro’s departure from the country occurred on December 20, after finishing the ordinary sessions of Congress and at the beginning of the legislative recess at the end of the year, and he was scheduled to return to the country on March 16, when the congressional work was resumed.

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The purpose of the trip, according to his wife, was to visit two of his children who reside in Europe and meet with them taking into account that he will soon be fully involved in the 2022 presidential campaign.

Sources of Human Colombia confirmed that the protocol followed in this movement is that whenever the congressman has a legislative recess, a way is sought for him to leave the country taking into account the security risks for his life.

The trip was decided under the strict priority of not taking risks and the place where they arrived was classified as a yellow zone

One of the congressman’s first destinations was Spain, where met with the vice president of the Spanish government and leftist leader Pablo Iglesias, on December 29.

Petro would also have passed through France, where one of his daughters is studying.

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After this he would have moved to Italy, where, allegedly, he was infected with covid and where he would have remained until this Tuesday when, as he said, he left the clinic where he was.

Regarding the permission to Congress that he supposedly required to leave the country, this newspaper was able to confirm that This is not mandatory since the trip took place during the break or vacation period of the congressmen.

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