The Detailed Production Process of Graphics Cards: An Inside Look with Der8auer

How are the graphics actually created? Is there an army of kids sitting there soldering? Or a bunch of engineers? Or is it all in the hands of machines?

Der8auer will give you the answer. PowerColor allowed him to film the complete production process with all the details. Even Roman himself was surprised that he got away with this at all, companies often guard their plants and procedures. But here they also offered Roman to take a chair so he could better see how to put SMD components into the plane.

So you will see the whole tumult of actions, starting with component inspection, through X-ray of used parts, vacuum packed PCB and GPU in boxes, soldering of all serepets on the card, checking of GPUs themselves, several seat checks and again of all components, including soldering inspection. All this is automated by machines.

This is followed by another check, this time visual from a humanoid. The card then continues to be assembled under the hands of workers. Assembling the backplate, applying heat-conducting paste and installing the cooler. Meanwhile, the card is checked several times again.

And after this torture, it is tested whether the graphics are functional at all. If so, 10% of the total amount goes to the 24-hour burn-in test at Furmark. The rest of the cards are tested for about an hour in several benchmarks. As you can see, the production process is extremely careful, controlled and demanding. Nice show, Roman!

You can buy graphics at CZC

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2023-06-02 18:40:16
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