News The destroyed part of the train was taken from...

The destroyed part of the train was taken from Pernink for scrap. Someone had already taken the electronics of the machine


“The car is so damaged that it is not possible to take it along the tracks so that it does not fall apart on the way,” said Petr Kaša, deputy commander of the railway fire brigade in Cheb. Firefighters had to load the other half of the crashed part of the RegioNova train, which weighs about seventeen tons.

“Representatives of the owner, ie Czech Railways, first dismantled the chassis. Firstly, to lighten it by about four tons, but also so that we are not too tall during transport and we fit within the set limit, “continued Kaša, who was driving at the loading site of the crashed part of the train.

It was not easy at first glance. The wagon was lifted by two mobile cranes at once. “It’s not hard work. It’s about having the crane a bit in your hand, “commented Kaša.

Railway firefighters loaded a crashed train on Wednesday.

Photo: Rudolf Voleman, Law

“The older crane on the Tatra usually goes first and the second catches up with it during handling. Both crane operators need to know in advance who will do what, where it will move and where it will turn, “he described. There were no complications during loading. “The route did not have to be traced because it is not an excessive load, but to be on the safe side we went the day before to check that there were no branches or cables hanging along the path,” the deputy commander added.

The tractor eventually took the crashed part of the train to the railway depot in Cheb, where it is to be scrapped.

“Some things that are still usable will be removed before that,” Kasha remarked. According to Práva, during the week when the crashed train in Pernink was standing at the station, someone from his cabin was enough to steal the electronics of the machine. “Probably a railroad lover who shows up at home now and shows it to his friends,” one of the men involved in loading the crashed train shook his head.

The running parts of both crashed trains have been removed along the tracks in recent days.

Railway firefighters loaded a crashed RegioNova train on a road tractor on Wednesday.

Photo: Rudolf Voleman, Law

A tragic accident on the line between Karlovy Vary and Johanngeorgenstadt, Germany, happened last week on Tuesday afternoon. Two people died in a head-on collision with trains, nine suffered moderate and severe injuries, 15 people were slightly injured. Three employees of Czech Railways were also injured.

The cause of the accident is being investigated by the police, the Railway Inspectorate and Czech Railways, which operate traffic on the line. According to the first findings, the cause of the accident was probably the failure of the human factor, when the driver of the train, which went to Karlovy Vary and had to wait for the oncoming train in Pernink, entered the track. A few hundred meters behind Pernink, trains collided.


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