The Department of Health announces that the covid-19 vaccine will be mandatory for students | Agencies

The Department of Health included the vaccine against covid-19 among the vaccines that will be required so that students can return to public and private schools.

In a press conference today, the Secretary of Health, Carlos Mellado said that they will begin a “VacuTour Back To School” to vaccinate all those over 12 years of age, for whom the Pfizer vaccine is authorized.

Mellado indicated that every student who attends public and private schools must present the card with the evidence that they have at least one of the doses.

“We have made the decision for skilled students to get vaccinated. We are going to issue an order requiring all schools to ask for the vaccination card as a requirement to be in school. The student has to carry the vaccination card with a full dose, “said Mellado.

The launch of the VacuTour Back To School seeks to provide access to the vaccine to the youngest populations that can be inoculated, those over 12 years of age. “We have to protect our schools,” stressed the Secretary of Health.

“Until when will we have to use the masks [en las escuelas]? Until people are vaccinated in Puerto Rico, “Mellado insisted and recalled that” the Health department is recommending the use of the mask “anyway.

On the importance of the vaccine, Mellado said: “If someone were to become infected, the symptoms will be mild to moderate.”

“The main strategy of the Health department is vaccination. In schools and universities we have to wear masks ”while it comes to herd immunity to the coronavirus.

In recent weeks, the number of covid-19 infections has increased on the island and throughout the United States due to the impact of the Delta variant, much more aggressive than others. Most of those hospitalized and people who have died in recent times are cases of people who were not vaccinated.

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